A downloadable Cosmender for Windows and macOS

Description -

As a part of the AIE 2021 Winter Game Jam, a 2 day Jam, Team Snowflake came together to present Cosmender!

Cosmender, a lone astronaut on board a faltering ship is being attacked by strange aliens.  Help him survive for as long as possible.

Mac Users

We don't have an "Identified Developer" license unfortunately, so the Apple won't be happy you try to play.  You can still play it, but you'll need to go into your system preferences to allow it.  If you're comfortable, we'd love you to experience our game!

External Assets Credits

Credit Music:

Menu Music:

In-Game Soundtrack:

Repair Sound:

Combined by Peter Hargarten Using the following sound assets from freesound.org:

Menu Selection:

Laser Shot:

Combined by Peter Hargarten using the following sound assets from freesound.org:



Peter Hargaten - UI, menus, sounds, particle systems, Float Assistant

James Justice - Scene building, lighting, particle systems,  animation implementation


Justin Scruggs - Gun, A.I. (enemies, etc.), movement

Jeff Simon - In-game events (Timer, tasks, score)


Rheanna Benson: Interior decoration(Bed, cargo crates, etc.) and logo.

Andrei Hadley: Task models (i.e. Generator, engines, etc.), concept/promo art

Aden Kemp: Ship (Walls, floors, wires, etc.), ship tool tip (how to play menu)

Luke Madle: Character, Gun,  Monsters, and cover art


Cosmender.zip 121 MB
CosmenderMacBuild.zip 119 MB


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