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Restore color to the world by collecting the gods of color - the 6 chromatic slugs.

Each slug unlocks new areas and obstacles of the color it represents. This game was made during Academy of Interactive Entertainment’s Spring game jam. 

Controls :

WASD - move forward back left and right

mouse - click and drag to look around

Space- jump


Game designers :

  • Jaegar White
  • Peter Hargarten


  • Jeff Simon
  • Ryan Ditlzer


  • Adeline Nicholson -bats, rats, and animation
  • Aden Kemp-mushrooms, flower bridge, bridge, and other environment details 
  • Justin Ward-Kizanis - 3 slugs, ground textures, trees
  • Mac Chadwick -main character, animation, and itch cover art
  • Max Birkland - 3slugs, rocks and variations, other environment details 
  • Rexy Shaw  Steneck - flowers


slug10.zip 223 MB

Install instructions

  • Download zip in totality
  •  unzip to desired location 
  • run .exe file to play
  • you must have all files in the zip

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